Can You Get High With Weed? New Questions About Legal Marijuana Deliveries

19 Jan

Weeds are often the unsung heroes of our brave new world and the great plague they have been called. These unsung heroes are your weed delivery professionals. Weed has become integrated into mainstream America, particularly in New York; essential, convenient, even life saving at some times, on any given day. In this light we might consider how our use of weed has expanded over time and what is now called "weed tourism."
It is hard to imagine any city without weed delivery vans or other forms of weed whackers in service. New York is no exception. What began as a tool for farmers to extract the "xious" weeds that plagued the cities of Europe has grown into one of the most lucrative markets in the health food and dietary supplement industry. The edibles that we consume have become an integral part of our culture and our lives.

Some of the "newer" varieties of "potpourri" come in many varieties, including real name brands such as Yucca or Hops, as well as generics like Stoned Mary's or Realm Weed. Real name brands carry a certain repute and some appeal to our more discerning palate. Realm Weed for example, carries the reputation of having been cultivated in the Hamptons of Long Island and produced in a highly regarded greenhouse.

The market for edible and medicinal weed has expanded beyond traditional supermarkets and drug stores to online delivery services. There are many companies online that can deliver the products to your door. Many carry the same strains and varieties found at local nurseries or organic centers. Many have a selection that ranges from annual to perennial. Most delivery services are in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. There is a company that will ship your order to you no matter where you live. Know more about where to get weed in DC for more ideas.

There is also a growing market for non-flower cannabis delivery services. In New York City and throughout the northeast (including Connecticut) a new crop of specialty cannabis is being grown and processed for a specialized market. Some of this product is now being sold forourmet purposes. The strain names include Arjuna, Blueberry Jamaican, Cheese Cat, Chaka Khan, Jamaican Grass, Lemon Grass, Mardi Gras and Sativa. This crop is being processed into cookies, brownies, puddings, sodas and candy. There is even a restaurant chain opening called Potluck which sells prepackaged "weed treats" with a Jamaican accent.

There are now over 20 brands of edible weed on the market. Some are well known and well loved; others have only been offered in limited stores or restaurants. But whatever your preference, the fact is that marijuana is legal in many states and recreational use is now a widely accepted practice. As long as you get high for responsibly and within the law, it should be no problem in getting weed in DC. And if you can't seem to get high without the aid of a vaporizer or water bottle, maybe you're not the best candidate for legally getting high.

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